Kushboo says – “I didn’t oppose any actresses”

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Actress Kushboo had recently commented on Tamil filmmakers that they don’t offer talented Tamil speaking actresses, despites possessing talents. This had caused a sort of disquieting feedback from the Hindi speaking actresses in Kollywood.

Relevantly, the actress had later interacted with media channels that she didn’t want to hurt their feelings. ‘Talent and Hard work alone can help people achieve success in film industry. Of course, Simran and Jyothika weren’t elision as they could establish a prominent place for them with such attributes.

And now, the actresses Trisha, Asin and Nayanthara have gone ahead in places striking great chords in not alone Kollywood, but across various regional film industries. At the same time, I just shared my thought that there are more beautiful and good looking girls in Tamil Nadu, with a great command over linguistic skills and even they can be offered to play heroine roles’ says Kushboo.

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