Kushboo Idlies overtaken by Namitha Idlies

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Even today, Kushboo has a large group of fans following herein Tamil Nadu just as the teenagers and middle-aged audiences are so fond of her. In fact, she holds the special mention for having a temple built for her at Madurai and Idlies being named after her.

But now, there’s sort of extreme disorder for her Idly market as ‘Namitha Idly’ has likely become the favorite of South Indian lovers. Yes, recently in a marriage ceremony, just as the Idlies were being served, one amongst the crowd just described it as Namitha Idly after comparing the sizes.

Obviously, the entire throng was excited and started relishing the Namitha idly with an absolute fondness. The fever of ‘Namitha Idly’ is soon spreading over to Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

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