Kuselan to have new scenes

Rajnikanth who fled to United States shooting for Robot had to return on sorting out the issue of Kuselan amongst the distributors and theatre owners. With a hope of making the film suitable to be liked by his fans, Rajnikanth requested his Director P.Vasu to delete the scenes involving the interaction between his ideas of about entering into politics and visiting Himalayas very often and more. However, these things didn’t improvise the film and now questions are whether new scenes would be added to the film.

“Not at all” says Pushpa Kandasamy for it is an impossible thing to shoot new scenes for the film that has been completed and released. Adding more Pushpa says that before getting the film, we screened the film to each and every distributor here and they decided to take it. Now it’s a just thing to claim back the loss…

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