Kuruvi goes the way of Predator

Earlier, during the movie launch of Kuruvi, we had approached Dharani why he has come up with such a title and he had a good reason for it. Kuruvi is usually carded for those who carry luxurious good by both means legally and illegally. Over here, in this film Vijay plays the role of Kuruvi carrying valuable diamonds from Malaysia with accordance to instructions given by a top smuggler. Few encounters with unwanted people does take twists and turns 20in the movie leaving to lots of complications…

Though the film has title of Kuruvi, Director Dharani is planning to have the tagline as ‘WHERE THE EAGLES DARE’. With audio slated to release during the mid of April, songs may be launched during the first week of the same month. The photo promos are already 20out and you would have the exciting stills of Vijay in different ambiences and costumes.

We were wondering how Dharani and Vijay could have been doing things differently and we singing appraisals for them. But later we had to detest for it, as one of our team members got the same and similar stills already created for the Ho llywood flick Predator. So is Kuruvi travelling the tracks of Predator? My God, I can’t imagine it for that makes me perplexed…

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