Kunal Rajan – A Rising technician of tinsel town

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Not many would have a sound knowledge about what ‘Sound Design’ and a ‘Sound Effect’ is. However, Kunal Rajan clears that out with an example of a restaurant sequences. When you hear the sound of plates and spoons with glasses dropped, it’s called ‘Sound Effects’, and the sound of a dinosaur in Jurassic Park or the sound of robots in Transformers is considered ‘Sound Design’.

Kunal Rajan, aged 24 has stunning sound design capabilities. Completing his studies pertaining to Sound Engineering, he made his way to Singapore for advanced study in the same field. In 2005, he moved United States and worked for few Hollywood projects like ‘Blades of Glory’, ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ and other such films. He then established his own studio named ‘BLACK BOX ENTERTAINMENT’ in 2006 and under his company started doing many hollywood films as a supervising sound editor.

Kunal is entering into tamil cinema with his first tamil film ‘Achchamundu Achchamundu’. Kunal says “we have spent a lot of time to make sure each and every little sound in the movie is heard. This will be one of the most detailed sound design films in Tamil Cinema”. He has worked with Resul Pookutty, academy award winner for ‘Ghajini’. He will be working again with Resul on the upcoming bollywood film ‘Blue’. Apart from that, Kunal has worked with various Emmy Award winners on several projects. Kunal’s forthcoming Hollywood film ‘GONE’ is ready for release this year.

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