KT.Com Top 5 Songs – Apr 2 2008

The top five Tamil albums are

1. “Anjathey” – Music Director: Sundar Babu. The song which is sung by Naveen Mathav is fast paced and rhythmic with a robust orchestra, and chorus. Kabilan lyrics are beautiful. Sundar.C.Babu has composed the music.

2. “Vellithirai” – Music Director: G.V. Prakash. “Uyirile uytirile” is a big hit. A love ballad soulfully sung by Naresh Iyer. A haunting melody and some meaningful lyrics are some of its strong points. Orchestration is simple with a straightforward use of violins and western harmony interludes

3. “Nepali” – Music Director: Srikant Deva. The album by Srikant Deva is a quality album which has fresh vocals coupled with a excellent harmony, instrumentation and good use of trumpets and saxophone.

4. “Polladhavan” – Music Director: Yogi B. Engeyum Eppothum was composed by M S Viswanathan three decades ago which was a big hit then. Now the famous Malaysian pop singer Yogi B has given it a new feel with his remix. The rap interludes and the racy background score with peppy beats give it a fresh feel. S P Balasubramaniam is same as ever before. Yogi takes it to new height with his racy rendering of the rap. Sure to catch the heart of young generation is this number.

5.”Billa” – Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja. ‘My Name is Billa’-M.S. Viswanathan original, which is nevertheless a hot wave with audiences. Yuvan’s version is an absolute contrast to the original, but an equally interesting composition. The most striking part is the whistling, an innovative inclusion, giving the song a pep. The song is sung by Naveen, Kay Kay.

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