KT.Com Top 5 Movies – Feb 19 2008

5. Ashoka: Director- Actor Prem making his presence once in a while in Kollywood has a meaning for it. He has directed by a movie that has nothing to worry about, no songs or unwanted comedy tracks. But sticking to a normal story of what you could have seen in Steven Seagel’s movies of a hero fighting against enemies who are on the urge killing Nation’s leader. The film has a gripping storyline and we ll crafted screenplay.. The film would have been better if the duration was cut and was featured for just 90 minutes…

4. Bheema: The film has its position for its outstanding climax , but it’s the poor screenplay and script that makes it a great looser among Pongal releases. Vikram and Prakash Raj have done justice to their roles and nothing special to mention about Lingusamy’s direction for most of the scenes seems to be a photo-copy of Kaakha Kaakha, Company and the climax is sure to remind you of Oscar Winner Departed.

3. Pirivoam Sandhipoam: Winner of Pongal release is this only movie. The film more precisely focuses on the present day situations in the family. Cheran and Sneha have come out with their best and Director Karu Palaniappan drenched the film with a good narration.

2. Saadhu Miranda: Good movie but lacks logic at more points. The film can be categorized under the genre of suspense, but for sure this isn’t a thriller to make you move to the edge of your seats. It’s an excellent directorial by Siddhique presenting a film in exact contrast to that of his previous ventures Friends and Engal Anna. Abbas excels with his outstanding performance and he is sure to be acclaimed for a chocolate boy opting the negative role. Prasanna does what has to been directed to him and Kavya Madhavan looks professional.

1. Anjathey: An unforeseen awesome film with streaking narration. Mysskin is just mind blowing delivering something that hasn’t been ever seen in Tamil Films. If you are seated in the theatre, you will surely experience the audiences clapping for series of events that involves just a minor character. Narain, Ajmal and Prasanna carry elevate the film’s strength with their own performance… So far Kollywood Today hasn’t recommended any movies and for the first time we do it. Please watch the movie for it is sure to be loved by you…

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