Search Top 5 Films September 4 2008

1. Jayam Kondan – A pure family entertainer by fresher Kannan. On all aspects, the film doesn’t carry any unsuitable elements for any age groups. Fine and Cool! This would be two simples that a person would say after watching this flick. Debutant Kannan sways with good star-casts of Vinay, Lekha Washington and Bhavana. All the actors, especially Lekha does justice to her role.

2. Dhaam Dhoom – The finest film made by Jeeva brings Jeyam Ravi in a new dimension of matured performance. Edge of the seats thriller lets you enjoy the entire film of 2.5hrs. Kangana Ranaut and Lakshmi Rai have done a commendable job. Jeeva’s colorful cinematography binds us together with the film.

3. Kuselan – A clean film remade by P.Vasu has resulted in the drift of results. The original version was more emotional, but adding unwanted glamour quotient and dragging hero worship. The last 20mins is worth watching many times for the stupendous performance of Rajnikanth and Pasupathy.

4. Subramaniapuram – Breaking the clichés, Director Sasi Kumar shored up with an exceptional theme of friendship and betrayal. A good work by Actor Jai and all the other characters. Cinematographer Kathir’s job is a visual treat and James Vasanth’s music is mind blowing and evergreen tune ‘Kangal Irandal’ is sure to be a top-charting for all seasons.

5. Dasavatharam – A master strike by Kamal Haasan and K.S.Ravikumar. Kamal Haasan performing 10 different roles is not a big issue for he has the capability of doing it. But makes us astounding is that penning of screenplay…

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