KT Top 5 films – October 6 2008

1. Jayam Kondan – First class-splendid performance by entire team. Vinay does a neat job and Lekha Washington steals the show. Bhavana looks beautiful and credit goes to cinematographer Balasubramaniam. Hats off to Director Kannan and same good works expected in his forthcoming flicks.

2. Raman Thediya Seedhai – Same Old themes of Hollywood and indeed Cheran’s autography have been blended and presented together. Naturalistic performance by Cheran while Pasupathy and Nithin Satya steal the show on their portions. Good work by entire heroines, but Navya Nair and her role means nothing to the film.

3. Saroja – Judgment Night, Wrong turn and Hindi Movie Sunday: You have the feel of watching all these flicks together. Where does Venkat Prabhu fleets higher? It’s with his talent of mixing comedy with the thriller genre. Yuvan’s musical score adds more life to the film and so does the cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan.

4. Dhaam Dhoom – Again, follows a remake of Hollywood movie Red Corner starring Richard Gere in lead role. Jeyam Ravi is spotted with good performance and quite matured. A good musical score by Harris Jeyaraj… Where does the film disappointment? Logics are completely missing…

5. Poi Solla Porom – Kosla Ka Kosla wasn’t so impressive and Vijay holds the credit of presenting the film so pleasingly with entertainment factor. Good work by entire team of senior actors and young actors who don’t have any star values…

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