Kollywood Today Top 5 Movies – February 16

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1. Naan Kadavul – An unforeseen film in the history of Tamil Cinema. For sure, Bala would be really a great inspirer for various filmmakers across the World. When made films on reality, they’re sure to make it big across various awards in World. Why not Oscars? Producers take note of this.

2. Vennila Kabadi Kulu – Everything except climax is perfect… Good team work by youngsters and Kishore’s appealing performance steals the show.

3. Siva Manasula Sakthi – Finest entertainer of the season loaded with lots and lots of love, comedy and emotions. Feel free and logic-free minds would love watching it.

4. Perumal – Sundar C’s same old formula of commercial masala doesn’t help him much this time.

5. Ennai Theriyuma – Much on the lines of ‘Mementoes’ and ‘First 50 Dates’, it’s middling entertainer worth watching once.

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