Kollywood Today Top 5 Films – February 11 2009

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1. Naan Kadavul – Indeed, it’s the biggest ever film of the decade… Bala’s touch of poignant tale is marvelous. Two different worlds of ‘Agories’ and ‘Mafias leading beggars’ is something off the wall. Hats off to Bala for a great piece of work.

2. Abhiyum Naanum – Doesn’t matter if the film has been inspired from ‘Father of the Bride’. Radha Mohan blending emotions and comedy together offers good entertainment.

3. Vennila Kabadi Kulu – Apart from climax, everything’s fine… Of course, you’ve the touch of Subramaniapuram throughout the film.

4. Villu – Nothing to get on about this film…. Sure to cross 1000 days in 59 centres…

5. Padikadhavan – Okay

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