Kollywood Today Top 5 Films – August 29 2008

1. Kuselan – An exceptional performance from Superstar Rajnikanth, especially during the climax sequence. Pasupathy wins the accolades again by donning a naturalistic performance and Meena accompanies him. Where does the film go wrong then? Direction by P.Vasu and his modification of original script. Music by G.V.Prakash is not so appealing as the melodious tune ‘Sollu Sollu’.

2. Dasavatharam – The film is still topping the chart as there are no proper films to overbeat. Kamal Haasan performing 10 different roles is not a big deal for him. But his fascinating narration of linking up all the characters and blending them with a global issue makes Dasavatharam highlighting.

3. Subramaniapuram – A new team does it bigger causing ripples on the above two biggies. Director Sasi Kumar pens a scintillating script offering a good and crisp message of those handling weapons would die of it. Actor Jai and Sasi Kumar do it big while Ganja Karuppu has been spelled in new dimension. James Vasanth’s musical score carries the film on the pace…

4. Nayagan – A remake of Hollywood flick Cellular, but producer of the film Vijayakumar Reddy has just taken the plot and presented it differently. J.K.Ritish exceeds our expectations and so does the other star casts. Good work by the entire team and hats off to Director Sakthi Saravanan.

5. Satyam – The film dashes down your hopes, for there is nothing special in it. Vishal appearing with well-shaped body and thick moustache doesn’t make him look like a cop. Debutant A.Rajashekar has nothing special with the film and don’t know the reason why one should take up such scripts. Nayanthara appearing in skin shows doesn’t help for the film’s success.

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