Pandiarajan struggling for his son

Who could be a good father, if he isn’t accomplishing his son’s dreams in any aspects? Of course, Good fathers are more evident in film industries be it singers, light man or actors, they want their song to brim up with excessive success in their career. Take for illustration, Director S.A. Chandrashekar strived to bring his son to a greater level and today he has made it.

Actor-Director Thyagarajan quit the acting soon after his son Prashanth got into the career. Bhagyaraj is busy now shooting his son Shanthanu in ‘Puthiya Vaarupul’ Well, his protégé Pandiarajan has decided to take his son to greater heights. At present, Prithvi is busy now shooting for ‘Vaidhegi’ and soon his father would be directing him for a film…

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