Kollywood stars frustrated with Kuselan’s success

Though there are many celebrities in Kollywood saying that they are close friends of Superstar Rajnikanth and they adore him saying he is a real life superstar. But there are certain group of celebrities who are always watching out the downfall of Rajnikanth. We were able to spot the entire group when they threw a party to celebrate the failure of Baba. With Chandiramukhi and Sivaji making high waves across the globe, everyone in the group expected that Kuselan wouldn’t well since Rajnikanth is appearing in an exceptional role. They said so after misinterpreting that audiences wouldn’t accept superstar in a different role that has nothing to do with stunts, punch dialogues and styles.

But their hopes were completely dashed, with the film witnessing grand success even in the areas where the film said to be facing pre-release problems. Yes! Kuselan facing the problem of getting released in Karnataka was happy news for those actors and when the obstructions of release were hassled. Now, they are creating problems saying by other means of issues with a misbelieve that would put down Superstar.

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