‘Kollywood is a complete disaster’ – Actor Madhavan

Actor Madhavan has almost completed 3 Tamil films and it would be released continuously on the lines. ‘Guru En Aalu’, ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ and ‘Naan Aval Adhu’ have be done now. With his ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ and its Hindi version ‘13b’ slated to hit the screens on March 6, Maddy opens about Tamil Film Industry. When asked why he’s gearing up for multi-hero subjects in Bollywood, he says ‘I was to play the lead role and Shah Rukh Khan in minor characterization, the superstar of Bollywood would accept and perform it.

That’s the mantra out there for the success of their films. But it’s only here disastrous moment about ‘Heroism and it’s image’ is prevailing a lot and soon it would change’.

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