Kollywood Flash Back

Kollywood Flash Back

Kollywood was heading to celebrate New Year and every body seems very busy in celebrating and welcoming the New Year, before stepping in to 2007 try to bring back some major Highlight of the Kollywood happenings in 2006. Every year Tamil cinema has his punch, like wise this year also so many events and happening will be remembered through out our lifetime. This year really seems very promising for many Actors, Actress, Director, Musicians and new comers etc, 2006 really a good year for Debuted Actors and Actress.

Film Status :

This year nearly 100 movies was released and 13 movies touched the mark of 100 days they are

1. Thalainagaram
2. Sandakozhi
3. Unakum Enakum
4. Em Magan
5. Imsai Arsan 23 Pullikeasi
6. Vettaiyadu Vealiyadu
7. Sillunu oru Kadhal
8. Tirupathi
9. Thambi
10. Chitiram Peasudadi
11. Thirutu payale
12. Thimuru
13. Aaru.

When compared with previous year much film picked up smartly and earned good reputation from the audience. Apart from 100 days movies many other movies went very well and gained momentum later on, the main barrier in film industry is Pirate C.D which squeezed the run of the movie even though Law enforcing authority taking proper step to control Piracy but it still remains Day dream for both Kollywood and Govt.

Best Actor

This is important position in Tamil cine industry in fact every body is running to grasp the first place. This year Actor Ajith Kumar deserves the first place and succeeds by young actor Barath. When compare with other actors Ajith this Year he acted in three film 1) Paramasivam, 2) Thirupathi 3) Varalaru. In this three film one film succeed 100 days and third movie Varalaru heading towards 100 days so probably he will be the first when comparing with other heroes in the field.

Best Actress

Actress seems very competitive when compare to actor, though there was N number of heroines where coming to Kollywood from other part of Cine Industry but still only few able to secure a high position in kollywood industries they are Asin, Nayantara, Trisha, Jothika, Rema sen etc but only the quality will be counted in the end of the day, so Jothika seems heading the race when compared with other Actrees. While Jothika acted in lead role in 1) Saravana, 2) June.R, 3) Sillunu oru Kadhal, 4) Vettaiadu Villayadu. In this Four film Sillunu oru Kadhal and Vettaiadu Villayadu touched the mark of 100days so in the end of day Jothika will be topper of 2006 Kollywood. Still Asin and Nayantara deserving there grip over there position.

Best Villan

Prakash Raj, Winning the race without any competition. He acted more than Eight Films in both Villan Character and Supporting Actor. They are 1) Aadi, 2) Paramasivam, 3) Saravanan, 4) Parijadaham, 5) Vettaiyadu Villayadu, 6) Pearasu, 7) Vathiyar, 8 ) Thiruvillyadal Arambum. In all this film Prakash Raj done a lead role and deserve the Best Villan & Supporting Actor.

Best Comedian

Nothing to guess that is Vadivelu who still leading the position in the comedy Role. Apart from comedian role for the first time he gave a try as Hero in Imsai Arsan 23 am Pullikeasi which was great success, he acted in eight film as Comedian and followed by Vivek with 5 films in second.

Behind the screen

Director and Producer are the Creator of Heroes though Actor and Actress are life line of the movie, but they are Baked and created by Director and many more behind the screen. In kollywood many films because of Single song went 100 days. So, Making of films is not merely one man show it required all front effort to take the film in to new height.

Best Music Director

This year music director Imman composed music for 9 films and he was followed by Yuvanshankar raja in second place by scoring music for 7 films and others like Vidyasagar, Srikanth deva, Bhardwaj and others less than 5 films. This year many remix songs Version and Hip-Hop songs are widely covered by the music directors.

All rounder of the Year

This year many films are topped the list but only few are still lingers in our mind. Vadivelus Imsai arasan 23 pulikeasi is the most success film of 2006 and the title of all rounder goes to Vadivel as a hero he really clinched the audience and proved his capability to tamil cinema.

So far we say the field player who is the key player in making the film into great success.

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