Kollywood 2009 – A year of big disappointment

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Most of the biggies failed us badly as none of them turned to make at least 10 days in box office.

The year 2009 has been a bitterly bounded year for Kollywood as well the ardent buffs, who eagerly expected more from these films. But unfortunately most of them let our hopes down.

Kollywood Today brings the exclusive look of films that drenched the producers in financial crisis.

Villu: The terrifying film of this film. Churned out at a cost of Rs.40Crores, Ayngaran Productions have literally planned not to make another film with Vijay. The film didn’t fetch half the production cost at box office.

Vettaikaran: Oops! Vijay seems to be the pathetic artist of 2009 as both his films have been adjudged as the horrible flops in 2009. One of the leading theatre’s own in Chennai had to lament right on the third day that the actor himself ordered to screen his film in both the theatres, which landed up in loss.

Aadhavan: ‘Nadu Vaanil Climax, Audiences Bhommiyil Adhiral’ – If producers continue publicizing the films like this, our technicians will have to quit their professions and start writing lines as this. The film was below average and a big disappointment from Surya and K.S. Ravikumar.

Kanthaswamy: ‘Aiyyo Podhunda Saami… Reel Adhundhu Pochu’ – the famous quotation of a prominent comedy actor can be applied for this film. With so many promotions vigorously made, the producers wanted to convey a strong message. Instead, they could’ve donated the big funds directly to the poor and underprivileged people.

Sarvam: With Vishnuvardhan’s ‘Billa’ turning to be the biggest grosser in 2008 box office, expectations were more for this film. But, it was a big letdown. On pars, the film top-notched on technical excellence.

Hope these actors choose a better project in future and save producers from committing suicides.

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