Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi Film Launch with to preserve enviornment

India’s 1st Green, Eco –Friendly and pollution free Movie trying to preserve Environment during the shooting in all possible ways …. today first day shoot started.

The movie is been directed by Mrs.Kiruthiga Udhayanadhi, first day of shooting started today at ECR @ 10am.

The Special about the movie is, generally any movie starts with poojai on the first day of shoot but this movie started with poojai and then planted 5 fruit giving sapling at the shooting spot by Director, Producer, Actress and crew members and to ensured it is maintained, is the special also following few aspects this movie is going to try following few points listed below to ensure Environment is protected during the shooting days…

1. Cloth Banner with few points to protect environment during shooting area

2. Colour Code dustbins for proper waste management at shooting areas

3. Sapling will be planted during first day of shoot

4. Small briefing post sapling planted about keeping shooting area clean, saving water, saving energy, etc…

5. Re-Cycling paper used for the script

6. Paper cup instead of plastic

7. Steel plate instead of plastic plate

8. Waste food will be properly disposed for composting

9. Unused food will be sent to orphan age

10. Avoiding maximum usage of plastic packages instead using jute or paper bags

11. Trying to use maximum Day natural lights

12.Awarness at shooting place

13. Water usage will be minimum and plug cads pasted to save water

14. Hand wash water will be used for watering the plants

15. Orientation will be given to the people who is directly involved in handling such things at shooting spot by one experience person deployed in the field for ensuring the protection of Environment as much possible protected

16. Daily report will be maintained and post to the film over on press meet we can ask other to also do the same

17. Carbon foot print will be calculated and that many no of sapling will be planted

18. Last day of shooting total no of day that much sapling will be planted by crew members including Actor, Actress and director.

19. One day during pack up the crew will clean the shooting place as part of their responsibility

20. One page pamphlet with small instruction above all are printed and share with people to ensure to support the practices till the production over and will get their support signature

This is the unique project I am trying to implement to ensure the environment is protected in all possible ways we can during the shooting spots , Thanks to the director Mrs. Kiruthiga udhayanadhi always been big time supporter of Nature and to protect environment in all possible ways she can in her works ~ k.Abdul Ghani, , Social Activist and Environmentalist

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