Katrina Kaif to pair with Vikram

When at a time when Vikram’s fans are celebrating Vikram’s Deiva Thirumagan as a great festival, Vikram has silently signed for a film. Though directors like Susindhran, Vijay and Ayngaran are waiting for Vikram’s call sheet, debutant director Kannan has somehow managed to get his call sheet. The production house which produced Singam Puli will be producing this film.

The producers have met Vikram with the assistance of Dhanu because Vikram has the policy of not acting in debutant directors films. They told Vikram to hear the story and if at all he likes it then they can further proceed. Vikram liked the story very much and now the work connected with this film is being geared up. Katrina Kaif is likely to pair with Vikram because it seems that Kannan has met Katrina Kaif before meeting Vikram. It seems Vikram has also agreed for this. But the dates are to be confirmed. It seems that Vikram will soon give his dates. In between, Kannan has mentioned that the title of the film will be Thirumalavan but Vikram said that there will controversy if the film is titled with that name.

So Vikram has asked Kannan to change the title. Now the film is titled Karikalan for which Vikram has given his nod.

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