Katrina Kaif may slap Asin now

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Actress Katrina Kaif – the hottie of Indian film industry has now got herself drenched in absolute terror as she is reported to fear about her boyfriend Salman Khan. Both of them were leading a happy life together until Asin entered into the picture. According to the sources in Mumbai, Asin seems to be continuously freaking out with Salman Khan that has drifted him far away from Katrina Kaif.

It’s worth mentioning that right from a very long back, Katrina Kaif has been making funny statements on Asin’s costumes.

Both Salman Khan and Asin starred together in a film ‘London Dreams’ and from then onwards, they were being like very close and even Sallu painted her figure and impressed a lot and her dad as well.

Asin must be careful now as she shouldn’t step into the shoes of actresses Hema Malini and Rekha.

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