Karthika says that she wants to earn a good name very fast

Karthika who is the daughter of the yesteryear popular heroine Radha while speaking to the media said,” Ko is getting released this week. When director K V Anand met me for the first time, he said,” The character is a out of this world journalist role. The audience seeing you should feel that this girl is bold and will do anything.” Usually there will be a lot of build up for the hero in Tamil films but in this film there is a lot of build up for me. K V Anand use to appreciate me by saying that I am capable of understanding.

Jeeva use to stare me with envy. I have only one target in cinema. I don’t want to earn money in cinema. My only aim is to earn the name as a good performer. That also I should earn it in short span of time. With regard to Jeeva, he helped me a lot. He is donning the role of a photo journalist. Because of this he will be holding the camera throughout the film. He use to playfully shoot stills but by the time we completed the film, he became a professional photographer. He photographed me beautifully and gave me lots of photos. Now Jeeva is a professional photographer. I am ready to act with all the actors including Rajni uncle. Rajni uncle told my mother,” I saw your daughter’s photo in a magazine. Her eyes are super. K V is a good film maker. Your daughter will have a good entry.” I was so happy when my mother told this. Next time when I come to Chennai, I will definitely meet Rajni uncle.”

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