Karnataka theatres owners take on Rajnikanth

On the press meet held by Theatre Owners Association yesterday in Chennai, executive members addressed that Rajnikanth has agreed to make up for their loss by compensation of 35%. While producers of the film have too agreed to pay the same percentage to the theatre owners and distributors in Tamil Nadu, its so surprising to see that none of the distributors came forward claiming. So, members of theatre owners association are now demanding for their portion of compensation of 35% too.

With the situation seeming to settling down amicably, other problem has been raised as few theatre owners from Karnataka have come down to Chennai seeking for their compensation too. Speaking about this, they said that it was because of Rajnikanth’s statement that Kuselan is full and full completely his film, they had bought the film. Withal, the results have really disappointed them and they are now demanding for compensation from producers as well Rajnikanth too.

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