Kannadasan awards bagged by Srikanth and Jayachitra

Kannadasan Awards were presented to veteran yester year actors Srikanth and Jayachitra by the eminent music composer M.S.Viswanathan. This function was organised by Kaviarasu Kannadasan Thamizh Sangam on the occasion of 82nd birthday of Kannadasan. M.S.Viswanathan, Ramamurty and P.B.Srinivas was the chief guest. Many distinguished personalities were present on the occasion. Here is a tail piece of the poet.That was the time when Kannadasan and actor Sivaji Ganesan were not on friendly terms.

Hence Kannadasan was not called upon to pen lyrics for Ganesan’s films. But when a producer was keen to have the inimitable lyricist work in the Ganesan film he was making, Ganesan agreed. Composing had begun and Sivaji Ganesan was also present. He was just staring at the poet, because they had still not made up. The friction was palpable. M. S. Viswanathan was waiting with his harmonium for Kannadasan to spell out the words. Generally the poet would dictate and his assistants would note down the lyric.

But that day Kannadasan took the writing pad and pen in his hands, jotted down the lines and gave them to MSV. One glance at the pad and MSV got tense. He judiciously returned it telling Kannadasan to read it out himself. The words read: `Ennai Yaar Endru Enni Nee Paarkiraai … ‘ Sivaji Ganesan burst out laughing, walked up to Kannadasan, hugged him and said, “Muthaiah (Kannadasan’s actual name)! You’ve not changed at all!”

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