Kangana Ranaut in Search of Tamil Tutor

Kangana Ranaut in Search of Tamil Tutor

Kangana Ranaut, who is making waves not only in Bollywood but in the South too, is now looking for a teacher who can train her in Tamil. Earlier, the actress had a coach, but was not able to understand much and found it taxing.

The actress has signed a Telugu film opposite Ram Chandran Theja, son of the megastar of South, Chiranjeevi, directed by Rajamouli and a Tamil film Dhaam Dhoom co-starring Jayaram and Shriya Reddy and directed by Jeeva.

A source close to Kangana, says, “Kangana wants someone with whom she can interact in Tamil and can spend time to master the language so that she can understand the nuances of her dialogues.

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