Kamasutra 3D gets record sales in Cannes


Kamasutra 3D has broken all records when it came to the pre-sale rights of the movie at Cannes. The sales head of Kamasutra 3D, Mitesh Patel, said, “We expected a good number of response but this over-whelming response was unexpected. We are happy that Kamasutra 3D has already gained quite a popularity by now and we wish to keep this up post its release”.

It is for the first time that an Indian film has received such a huge response with sales of its international rights that too before it is being released. The movie launched its second exclusive trailer and the special edition book of Kamasutra which received accolades from the international delegates.

Sagar Thackar, Executive Producer of the film, added, “Cannes couldn’t have been a better platform for Kamasutra 3D’s pre selling of rights and it surely amazed us. Now we are quite hopeful for all that lies in future as well”.

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