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Kalapani trio comes together for one more time


Kalapani trio comes together for one more time

Mohanlal, Priyadarshan and Santhosh Sivan did Kalapani, about 12 years ago. Now, the trio is coming together for a film, directed Suresh Krishnan, a former associate of Priyadarshan for the last 7 years.
Suresh has directed a film titled Nakhangal and both Priyadarshan and Santhosh were involved in the technical side of the film. The film has new comers in the lead but Mohanlal has supported the venture by his advice and moral support. Nakhangal is the tale of three friends staying together in a rented house and how their life changes after another man comes to stay with them. They go through experiences they never had or expected to have in their life. The film has been shot completely in Ooty. The film stars debutant Rakendu and Madan Mohan in the lead.

Priyadarshan has been involved in the production and script of the story and also supported the director by way of filming a song sequence for the movie with Oriya actress Jyothi Pani.

The film’s cinematographer is Bejoy S, an associate of Santhosh Sivan. It was Santhosh who took the first shot of the film and he was present through the grading of the film and ensured that nothing goes wrong. Now the makers of the film are planning to market the film as a Priyadarshan offering as a gratitude to the director. The film is produced by Seven Arts.

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