Kalaipuli S Dhanu continues cheap chili publicity

HTML clipboardWe have to really wonder what’s actually causing Kalaipuli S Dhanu do commit such dim-witted ideas. Almost all his previous films churned out at big costs have been terrific flops and still he continues beating the same bush.

He is well known for another more stuff and that is to create more hype for ‘Dubba’ (waste) movies prior to release thereby instigating the audiences to watch that film. Previously, he couldn’t stop speaking about the film ‘Kandasamy’ and then it was about his distribution of Hindi film ‘BLUE’.

For Kandasamy, he created unnecessary buzzes that the film will have a live relay of red carpet premiere. Yappa Saamy Reel Andhupocchu!!! This time, he has simply admitted that he will remake Nataraj’s upcoming film ‘MILAGA’ in Hindi with John Abraham and Deepika Padukone donning the lead character.

It’s to make you feel that the film has such best elements…

Beware my people!!!

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