Kajal Agarwal Talks About All in All Azhaguraja Failure


A damp squib for Deepavali
All in All Azhagu Raja did not do as well as expected. There was a lot riding on the film. It was excessively promoted. I have always learned to take failures and flops in my stride. Yes, a lot of hard work went into it and even to this day I don’t regret working on the film at all. I did an all-out comedy role, and it was something I hadn’t had a chance to do till Rajesh offered it to me. It was certainly a learning experience for me. My mother has always told me, ‘Never let success or failure go to your head’, and that is the mantra I live by.

Working with Vijay for the second time
Yes, I have worked with him in the past (in Thuppakki). Vijay is quite a reticent person, as is well known. He does not open up very easily. However, while working with him, we established a certain kind of rhythm — we knew each other’s timings, moods etc. We were completely in-sync. So, this time around it was actually quite easy since we shared a certain level of comfort, and moreover, we could anticipate each other’s reactions. This helped me give my best, especially since he is such a great actor. There was almost perfect coordination. Most memorably, there was a song, which we shot in Japan. It was a wonderful experience, the weather was lovely and the place was beautiful. The whole unit had a good time.

An expensive heroine?
Certainly not! I feel I certainly get what I deserve and my producers, who are willing to put money on me, certainly know what they are doing. I don’t think I am being unreasonable about my fee.

Wedding bells?
My baby sister (Nisha Aggarwal) is married. I am very attached to her and we have always shared a close bond. It was an all-out Punjabi wedding and the family had a good time, singing, dancing… the works. Her vidaai was a little emotional, but then the reception was grand, and a happy affair.
For me, marriage is not on the cards for the next two years at least. I am fully focused on work right now, it’s my only priority at the moment.

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