Kadhalil Vizhundhen not released in Madurai

Be the reviews that we have marked on Kadhalil Vizhundhen as a movie not to watch, but what’s actually happening in Madurai takes us more disappointing with the Tamil Nadu State Government. The film’s director yesterday before the preview screening, addressed the media channels that it’s a good deed on those who are not allowing to release his film in Madurai. Since, the film has been released by Sun Pictures, few rowdies in the name of Azhagiri did break the theatres down where the film Kadhalil Vizhundhen was supposed to release. Director Prasath speaking on this says that day and night just not him alone, but the entire team strived to complete the film so successfully and after lots of problematic situations, they released the film. And now, its not convincing to see that those rowdies are creating such kind of problems.

He has requested State’s Chief Minister to answer to the situation putting forth the question whether Madurai has been alienated from Tamil Nadu and isn’t he ruling that district too. However, he has assured that if Chief Minister is not going to take any action against them, he would call for the occasion where the entire film industry would fast and protest till the film is released in the city.

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