Journalists stir up trouble for Vivek

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It looks like Vivek will never have redemption from the journalists forever. The moment he uttered some profaned speech on the reporters and photographers, the entire association started off to oppose him and assured that his activities would no more be entertained.

Recently, in an audio launch, the entire group of journalists who were present for the occasion walked out as Vivek started speaking on the dais. In the same manner, the press meet of ‘Magane En Marumagane’ had the same bad results for the actor.

The film’s audio was launched recently and on the same evening, a press meet was arranged at Raj TV. As the producer requested journalists mentioning that certain issues shouldn’t be facilitated at this juncture, since these are on different platforms. However, then the journalists walked out saying if Vivek attends the occasion, they will not support this film.

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