‘Jeyam’ Ravi and ‘Jithan’ Ramesh inaugurates Abhirami Snow World

So, what’ the best treat one can afford for the horrible summer? Not everybody can chill out for jolly-ride to hill-bounded snowy regions like Switzerland. Well, Abhirami Mega Mall brings you something very valuable and remaining close to heart. For the first time in Tamil Nadu, a grand Snow World has been erected over here in this premise. Actors ‘Jeyam’ Ravi and ‘Jithan’ Ramesh inaugurated it on May 3.

Here goes the special feature of this Snow World.

1. It has snow storm with lightning and thunder at the speed of 140 kms per hour.
2. 50 feet snow valley
3. Snow statues
4. The snow is made of purified water.
5. 50 tonnes of snow will be always in frozen state.
6. Boots and Jerkins are given to the visitors to protect them from cold. These outfits are sterilized with Detol after each use before giving it to the next person.
7. You can spend in this cold atmosphere for 20 minutes.
8. The coldness in the snow world will not affect one’s health.
9. There is a thrilling cave before entering the mega snow world.
10. Each one is given a passport for entering the snow world.
11. There are five visas in a passport. Each time a person uses this visa he will be given a discount of Rs 10.
12. You can also photographs of you and your family taken with the backdrop of the snow world. These photos can be printed on your T Shirt or key chain as you wish. A photographer is available to take orders.

There are yet more appealing features in this Snow World as follows….

1. You can worship the Manasorovar ice Lingam.
2. You can enter the Eskimo Igloo
3. You can sling snow balls at one another
4. You can slide in the snow.
5. You can make a snow man.
6. There will be a snow fall on you and around you in this mega mall.
7. Come and experience this heavenly snow world.
8. Once you come here you will be tempted to come again and again.
9. A free warm drink is given here.

This snow world is open 365 days from 10 AM to 10 PM

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