Jeeva – A great inspiration from Aamir Khan

With no doubt, one can clearly say that Aamir Khan is an actor who spells out enchanting performance with more perfection and easiness. It’s nice to hear that even actor Jeeva happens to say the same thing all the time. As speaking about his main inspiration in filmdom, he says, “Aamir Khan is a versatile personality who presents something different from each film to another”. Also added, “ From Lagaan to Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanthi to Fanaa and Taare Zameen Par, he keeps entertaining avoiding hitherto”.

The most interesting part that Jeeva conveyed was that even he would be following the same paths of Aamir Khan. Jeeva has been performing his best in flicks with offbeat themes and different characters. But, now he has determined to take up bubbly and peppy sort of roles and Siva Manasukulla Shakthi would be best the illustration of it.

Jeeva’s dream is all about directing films that will remain evergreen in the history of Tamil Cinema and has already started makin g groundwork for it.

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