Jayam Ravi hopes for big in Peranmai

Right from the beginning of his career, Jayam Ravi has been accumulating success with just remakes under his home production. And now hoping for a great break of his characterization, he has geared up with Peranmai. Making successful ventures with prior flicks like Iyarkai and E, SP Jananathan is set to brim up with a stunning action movie that has a good message for the masses.

Jayam Ravi performs the role of a single-man army sputtering for the well-being of people in the lower districts of southern part of Tamil Nadu. As announced earlier, Jayam Ravi pairs up with 5 heroines and none of them have been selected.

Major portion of the film will shot in thick forests of Mancholai, Pabanasam and Ambasamudram of Tamil Nadu.

N.K. Ekamabaram, who at present is busy shooting for Kandasamy starring Vikram in lead role, will can the shots along with S.R.Satish Kumar. Cameras with specially designed features from Germany will be used to shoot stunt scenes in a stylish way.

Vidhyasagar will tune in melodies to the songs. Karunaas under the banner of Ayangaran International produces the film and film was launched with a simple Pooja on last Wednesday…

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