‘Jai Ho song is common for everyone’ says A R Rahaman

The song Jai Ho which fetched the Oscar Award for A R Rahaman is being used for election campaigning. The Congress party has bought this song for a heavy price and the song is played in the election campaigning meetings. BJP and other parties are raising objections for playing this song. They are criticizing by saying that the film Slumdog Millionaire got the Oscar Award because of Congress. They are the root cause for the people to stay in the slums even after India attaining Independence.

When asked A R Rahaman about his opinion about using the song Jai Ho for election propaganda, he said,” Jai Ho song is not a sole propriety. It is common for everyone. This song is played everywhere. The song is used in fashion shows. Even this song is used in some of the functions in Singapore. It is also good and happy thing that this song is used for election campaigning. I do not belong to any political parties. I have not given support to nay party. I have faith on the voters who will elect the efficient contestant.” Vairamuthu is penning a lyric for a new Tamil Anthem for Tamilians living abroad. A R Rahaman is now busy composing the music for this anthem.

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