Jai Akash speaks about Aayudha Porattam

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Jai Akash is going to act and direct a film titled Aayudha Porattam. His chocolate hero image will change him into an action hero in this film. While speaking to the media, he said,” I have been acting for the past nine years. I did the role of a chocolate hero role in my last film Adada Enna Azhagu also. Audience and directors also see me in this dimension only. In order to change this image I am directing and acting in this film. Instead of calling action hero it would be appropriate if I call it struggling hero. With regard to the story of Aayudha Porattam, when a flower blossoms it does not know whether it is going to adorn the God or go elsewhere.

In a similar way a weapon does not know when it is manufactured whether it is going for a good cause or bad cause. The story is about a person who fights for the rights. I am donning dual roles in this film. Jai Balaji Movie Makers are producing this film. The shooting of the film is to take place in dense forests. The reason for shooting in the forests is because the story demands it. I had sought permission to shoot this film in Sri Lanka but the Government declined to give the permission. Because of this I am shooting in the Kaanchnapuri forests of Thailand. I will also be shooting in Bangkok and China. I am about to leave to Bangkok along with 30 members including Sai Kiran, Theepatti Ganeshan, heroines Preethi Meenal and Anitha Reddy. “

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