Jai Akash gears up with Madhan

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Madhan should’ve been the favorite name of Jai Akash and that’s the reason he has titled his film so. Yup! The forthcoming film ‘Madhan’ doesn’t alone feature him in lead role, but he wields megaphone for it. Apart from direction, Jai Akash has handled story, screenplay and dialogues and for a greater surprise he handles editing too. Sunaina on her debut flick ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhen’ rippled the hearts of young lads with her sensational performance. With lots of different shades reveling in this film, she pairs up with Jai Akash in the female lead along with Radhika Menon. Santhanam, Aarthi, Ganesh, Devan, Sumithra Rajalakshmi are performing prominent roles.

Followed by his captivating shots of Raman Thediya Seedhai, Mazhai, Lee and Ramakrishna, cinematographer Rajesh Yadav will handle the camera for Madhan. Bobby and Sai Sridhar are composing the music for the lyrics penned by Sneghan, Andal Priyadharshini and Karuna. Balaji and Suchitra are in charge of choreography and Thavashivaraj choreographs for stunts.

With the film based on romantic theme, the protagonist is an orphan, but he wishes the woman he marries should have good family and relatives. In the interim, two girls take a walk in his lives adding twist to the scenario. One girl wants to marry him sacrificing her family while the other one doesn’t want to marry him since her family members won’t accept their marriage. So, who does our hero finally join hands with forms crux of the story?

Shooting had hit the floors recently in Hyderabad, Kerala and Kodaikanal and at present the filming is being held at Chennai. The film is close on the heels of getting completed and plans are to release the film by first week of July…

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