Jaganmohini trailer launch – Children scared and ran away

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Oops! It was actually designed with much innovativeness. But, you can’t say how people perceive it. It’s a report we had from the direct reports from the ambience of Satyam Cinemas. Producer of the film ‘Jaganmohini’ Murali had planned to pose 10 persons dressed up like ‘Devils’.

Well, some of the media professionals and other film celebrities could easily grasp it.

Perhaps, scenarios were completely different once the general audiences were present for other shows. Couple of children got scarred looking at the devil like figures and ran away.

Gradually, that leads to some pettifoggeries between their parents and event management group who had actually posed them over there. Similarly, the film’s PR who had a hand in this event was wedged in perplexed moods and couldn’t deal the situation.

Later, the securities turned them off and put the situation amicable.

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