Jagan Mohini joins the Diwali race

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Perhaps, this is the first time we’ve been prone to so many confusions pertaining to film release schedules. Till the last moment, the date and time of releases wasn’t confirmed. Finally, now we have a clear about the number of releases for this Diwali.

Makers of Jagan Mohini have decided to release the film for Diwali as the film was censored a night before Tuesday. Earlier buzzes were that the film may not release due to no-buyers situation for Telugu version in Andhra Pradesh. But now, it has been finalized for the Diwali.

Peranmai, Aadhavan will be the other releases hitting screens on October 16. As well, there are 3 big Hindi releases of superstars: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn.

The films BLUE, ALL THE BEST and Main Aur Mrs Khanna have already been booked for the shows on weekend…

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