I’ve grown up watching Sundar’s films : Varalakshmi


Even as Varalakshmi is gearing up to start shoot for her debut Kannada film, the actress is excited that her second film in Tamil, Sundar C’s Madha Gaja Raja with Vishal, is all set to hit screens this week.
Varalakshmi says, “It’s a pucca commercial entertainer, and will be a fun ride all the way. I play Maya, a city-bred, streetsmart girl. She’s quite clear on what she wants, and is a bundle of energy.”
The actress, who has taken the glam route for this film, says, “My debut film and this one are both humour-based. But, while the former had a realistic approach, this one is a commercial entertainer. There’s humour, drama, emotion and action. I had no issues with going glam; I think doing different roles will help me grow as an actress.”
Talking about her experience working with Sundar C, she says, “I’ve grown up watching his films, and I’ve known him since childhood. In fact, I used to call him uncle when I was a kid. But now, after becoming an actress, I have started calling him ‘sir’. There’s so much you can learn from him.”
The film also has Anjali in the lead. Quiz Varalakshmi if there were any catfights on the set, and she says, “Oh no. On the contrary, we had a blast shooting. There were several people on the set on any given day and it was like a huge get-together for us.”

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