It’s Thiru Vs Babu Sivan in tinsel town

These two are the newcomers, who recently made their debut directorial with big stars and a fine team. Babu Sivan struck gold in Kollywood with Vijay taking on the lead role and Sun Pictures producing it. On pars, Thiru’s recent debut with ‘Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai’ has of course gained some prominence to the filmmaker.

Since, it’s Sun Picture introducing them in film industry, the film has somehow made it bigger in charts on commercial quotients.

Now, these two filmmakers are approached by main league of actors. It seems that Babu Sivan had received more offers much prior to the release of ‘Vettaikaran’. Thiru is now finding a different way of signing projects: First sign actors, then producers and start penning a script later.

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