‘It’s comfortable to act with young heroes’ says Poorna

Actress Poorna is acting as a Christian girl in the film Vithagan. She said,” I am doing a role called Mercy in the film Vithagan which has Parthiban in the lead. He is also directing this film. I am also acting with Jai in Arjunan Kadhali and with Vishnu in Drohi. Apart from this I am pairing with Nakulan in Kandha Kottai. There is a question why should I act with senior actor in Vithagan when I am acting with young actors. The reason for this is Vithagan’s story. This action film is centered on the hero.

But the speciality is the different kind of screenplay. I will be doing the work which normally hero does in the climax scene. This film will bring out my acting skills. It is really comfortable to work with young heroes because they don’t have big image and there will be lot of importance for romantic scenes. Equal importance will be given for heroines. But at the same time if you act with big actors, you can be popular among the audience. We can learn a lot of things about cinema from them. As far as I am concerned acting with elder actors and younger actors doesn’t make any difference for me.”