It’s better to sweat than to bleed – Ajith


It was Sunday when Ajith left the city for a road trip on his sport bike to an undisclosed destination. The actor’s just back from the trip, with several fans spotting him on the road. But this wasn’t just a leisure ride — Thala had a clear motive this time. What’s that, we ask him, and he says, “Basically, this trip was not just a fun ride on a luxury bike. I would like to create awareness about safety gear and the importance of wearing a helmet to the passionate bikers in the city. Just
because I’m in a two-piece suit with
shoulder pads and knee pads does not mean that I’m racing. I would like to inspire onlookers to travel safely and hence, I chose to ride my bike with all the necessary safety measures, which is mandatory all over the world.”
Ajith adds, “Road trips across the state and the country are a normal thing abroad. I am happy that it is picking up well in the city as well. There are a lot of people who have a genuine passion for it. We — a group of friends from different walks of life — have been making road trips with a purpose.”
The actor adds, “I would also like to motivate people who ride from home to their workplace to wear a helmet and other safety gear. You may find it expensive, but, if a mishap occurs, the basic MRI scan itself would cost close to 7,000. So, it is better to invest that money in safety measures rather than spending your hard-earned money for the after-effects of road accidents.” Ask him whether it is possible to wear safety gear in the hot, humid weather in the city, and he says, “It is better to sweat than to bleed.”
Ajith was criticized by quite a few people for not wearing helmet in the bike scene in Mankatha, which was leaked online. About this, he clarifies, “The actual scene in the film had me wearing a helmet and a single shot that was leaked online was the only one without helmet. I know I am responsible onscreen as well. That’s why I ensure that I wear helmet in my bike scenes in all my upcoming films.”
How was the trip? “It was nostalgic. Since 18, I have been riding many super bikes. Even now, I take time for myself and make quick trips. I am as human as anybody else. Riding a bike is one among the little pleasures of life that I still enjoy. I don’t want to disclose where I travelled to but would like to say that the journey has been meaningful.”

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