‘It will be a love marriage for me’ – Actor Bharath speaks out

There’s something more off reality when it comes to Bharath. Know what? ‘He himself assumes that he’s the king of commercial cinema and even when journalists shoot-out funny questions like ‘How do you feel about being a successful actor with all genres?’ he presume to be a seriously praising question and answers back.

So, Bharath has stated, “Yes, I am really happy that things are doing well with both every genre he chooses. Be it films like Veyil – Kadhal or commercial films as ‘Pazhani’ and others, they’ve got me laurels.”

Remember this! If not Bharath any actor could’ve made it bigger as the script was spellbinding. Meanwhile, the buzzes in town are that his forthcoming film ‘Kanden Kadhalai’ has got the masses throwing abusive words against him stating that Shahid Kapoor would regret for having donned that role.

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