Is Vijay-Raja remaking ‘3 Idiots’?

Can you call it a buzz on air? Maybe, there are facts that justify this buzz. Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’ has made a grand business at box office where it simply collected Rs. 2.75Crs on a paid preview shows. Now the trade analysts have claimed this film to be the ever biggest gross as it leaped with profit of Rs.100Crores on the first 5 days.

Last Sunday night, ‘Jeyam’ Raja and his entire family secretly watched this film at Sathyam Cinemas. Looks like the director was so impressed with the commercial ingredients and strong message that was conveyed through this film….

That leaves a strong belief that he may remake this film with Vijay on his next project. It’s worth mentioning that Raja had plans about remaking ‘Laghe Raho Munnabhai’ with Vijay (both the Hindi films are made by the same director Rajkumar Hirani). Since, it didn’t happen over the time, they may gear up for this venture.

Well, for Vijay this film may suit him very much as he can utilize the social value bounded messages for the young generation.

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