Is Trisha involved in the dope affair?

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Recently a Nigerian whose name is Victor has been arrested by the Hyderabad police for possession and peddling drugs. Ravi Teja’s brothers actor Ragu Babu and Bharath Raj was also arrested when they were trying to purchase the cocaine from Victor. Victor’s laptop,mobile phone, cash worth Rs 50, 000 thousands, cocaine worth crores and Ravi Teja’s brothers car was confisticated by the police.

 When examining the lap top, the police was able to find lots of addresses and mobile numbers stored in it. Victor while confessing said that he had 800 customers in India and 80 out of them were actors and actresses. Now a list is being prepared about the actors and actresses. Some of the Telugu TV channels have telecast that Trisha’s number was stored in Victor’s cell phone. Trisha hearing this news was very furious and in a statement has said,” I don’t know how that fellow got my phone number. I am in now way connected with dope matter. I don’t have the habit of using dope.

 Some people seeing my growth, out of jealousy has started spreading such rumors. My manger is talking to the concerned officials. Earlier also such rumors were spread and later on it was mentioned that there was no truth in it. The truth with regard to this rumor will also come out. I will sue and claim for compensation if any body tries to tarnish my image by spreading rumors.”

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