Is Shreya in love with Raana?

There are rumors that Shreya and Telugu actor Raana are in love. It is understood that both of them are roaming in foreign countries and are staying together in five star hotels. Raana is the son of the famous Telugu film producer Rama Naidu. Raana became very popular after acting in the film Leader. Now he is currently acting in a Hindi film. When asked Shreya about this love matter, she said,” I know Raana from his child hood days. Our families are very close. The relationship between me and Raana is pure friendship. There is no romance between us. My whole concentration is only in cinema only. I don’t think of any thing else. I am currently acting in Deepa Mehta’s Mid Night Children. This is a different kind of film in my film career. My role in this film will be remembered. I am getting lots of offers but I am not accepting them because the story is not good.”

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