Is Kandasamy getting released on July 31?

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As per the trade reports, it has been revealed that by all means of 99%, the film ‘Kandasamy’ will get released by end of this month. Producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu has been postponing the film’s release as he’s keen on finding the right time and more number of theatres. Abirami Ramanathan has taken the City Rights for Rs. 4.5Crores, the same price at which he had floated ‘Sivaji – The Boss’.

Meanwhile Vikram had just mentioned that the film’s post production works on Graphic suites is still pending and that delays the release. We’ve got to wait and watch until the final and steady statements are made by Director Susi Ganeshan and Producer Dhanu. According to the sources, the film will be released in 900 Centres including which 21 Centres would be in Chennai alone.

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