Is Kamal daughter in love with Siddarth?

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Kamal Haasan’s eldest daughter Shruthi Haasan debuted as an actress in the Hindi film Luck. After this she said that she will continue to act in Tamil films if she gets good offers. She composed music for her father’s film Unnai Pol Oruvan. She has also sung a song for this film. She said all the praises goes to her father. She use to say,” My father never use to interfere in my affairs. My father believes that I will make the right decisions. I will not spoil is name.”At this point there was news that Shruthi will be acting in a Telugu film. Siddarth is doing the lead role in this film. There was news that Shruthi’s role had much significance. Now there is some more news about Siddarth and Shruthi. There were rumors that both are in love and they will be getting married shortly.

To confirm this news, in recent days Siddarth is closing moving with Kamal family these days. Recently, Shruthi’s music programme took place in a famous night club in Chennai. Siddarth was there till the programme ended. He was encouraging and motivating by applauding. Kamal and his younger daughter Akshara was also present in the party. When asked Shruthi about this, she said that they were good friend and till now she is single.

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