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Indo-Japan Youth Development Program Event Press Release

Indo Japan (23)

KC Consulting Services, Japanese Language School has successfully completed integrating the INDO-JAPAN language, Culture and Business for the past 6 years in Chennai. In Order to equip the Current Young Generations for the INDO-JAPAN Opportunities as initiated by Govt of INDIA and State Governments in the Business, Culture and Bilateral ties, we are bringing Chennai Consulate General of JAPAN, Consul, Language and Culture head, Ms.Shimada and Japan Foundation ( Govt of Japan Arm) Representative Ms.Nakae along with bunch of Japanese companies representatives from Nissan, Isuzu, Fujitsu, Yamaha etc to address the audience and youngsters to make use of the Abundant Opportunities available in INDIA and Japan for the INDIANS.

Govt of Japan and Govt of INDIA signed an agreement to send 3 Lakhs INDIAN youths to Japan for filling the gap of Shortage of the Population through National Skill Development Corporation- NSDC and Govt of Japan announced to hire 2 Lakhs IT Engineers for JAPAN as mentioned in the below news channels.

This is the first of its kind in Chennai at IIT Madras Research Park, KC Consulting Japanese Language School is organising such a large scale event and University representative Mr. Shindo from TOKYO is also participating in this event.

Recently ANNOUNCEMENT in the news for 3 Lakhs and 2 Lakhs INDIANs wanted in Japan.



3.JUNICHI FUKAO                                  4.KALYAN HATTI                         8.SURESH KAYAMBOO

5.ADITI MADHUSUTHANAN                6.A.P. LOGANATHAN                  9.RAJKUMAR

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