Indian Actors lack capacity for Hollywood – Madhavan


Actor Madhavan who recently wrapped his Hollywood Venture Night of The Living Dead : Origins in a recent interview has made a statement that Indian Actor lack the capacity to establish themselves in a international set-up.
Here are few excerpts from the Interview

“Their market and technology is completely different from ours. I don’t think Indian stars have the bandwidth to go struggle and give screen tests there, leaving everything behind here.I think the only thing which I am jealous about is that if I was an actor in Hollywood, with all the hit films which I have, I won’t have to work for another day in my life. Even if an actor has two hits in his life in Hollywood, he will never be poor”.
Talking about the movie

“It has been a huge learning experience and it was very exciting. I was very nervous as I had never shot like that before,It was a Simon West film. That was a huge advantage. Secondly, it had completely new technology,” I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the future,For actors like me, nothing is enough. I want a lot more than what I get”.

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